Conversations with the Universe

2014 IPPY Award

IPPY Award for Best
Mind-Body-Spirit Book

  • Do you ever wonder if there truly is a Divine Plan that creates a natural order of things?
  • Have you wished for a guidebook or special language that would guide your deepest life questions?
  • Do you wonder why things happen?… Especially the ‘bad’ or ‘tragic’ events?
  • Is it possible that there are signs to show you the way out of challenges and into a Divine solution?
  • If there really is only ONE of us here, then how is the world speaking to us?

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In Conversations with the Universe you will:

  • Learn five questions for every moment that will engage this conversation, setting a foundation for ‘knowing’.
  • Discover the components of Universal language and how it always addresses life’s BIG and not-so-big questions.
  • Recognize challenging obstacles and painful experiences as powerful answers in moving toward life purpose.
  • Discover the seventh sense and its necessity within us for awakening.
  • Understand the connection of life experience to the energetic body and universal path of the greater soul body.
  • Discover how to engage and revel in ALL experience as a landscape of universal communication.

Simran’s practical guide combines experiential wisdom with guiding tools – including Language Play exercises, real life examples and beginning steps of understanding of your conversation with the universe. Incorporating powerful questions which catalyze change, an introduction to the many ways language appears, and Simran’s own powerful stories, you will never look at the world in the same way.

See what others are saying!

Iyanla Vanzant

“Simran Singh’s teachings and writings shared in Conversations with the Universe are filled with depth of heart, wisdom and love that can create a shift in those who access them.”

– Iyanla Vanzant, Spiritual Life Coach – OWN, Iyanla Fix My Life, Author of Peace from Broken Pieces, Yesterday I Cried and The Value in the Valley

Inna Segal

“My exploration of Conversations with the Universe began at an airport in Vienna on my way to Denmark. I was so engrossed from the first page that I don’t remember how I got on the plan. As I read I felt inspired, touched and uplifted. I underlined paragraphs, impatient for the work to be published so that I could recommend it to my students.”

– Inna Segal, International Author and Healer, Creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing ® and best-selling, award winning author of The Secret Language of Your Body and The Secret Language of Color Cards

Colette Baron-Reid

“Conversations with the Universe reveals soulful wisdom regarding how Spirit uses a multitude of signs and symbols to continually guide us. Simran Singh translates this language very well and teaches others how to discern the wonderful language of the Divine! A wonderful book.”

– Colette Baron-Reid, #1 Best-selling author, Internationally renowned intuitive counselor, coach and life strategist

Arielle Ford

“Simran Singh’s writings are filled with uplifting wisdom and truth. Conversations with the Universe . . . Listen to her; she has much to offer.”

– Arielle Ford, Author of Wabi Sabi Love and The Soulmate Secret

Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

“Simran is a beautiful and dedicated teacher of spiritual wisdom. Her magazine, her writings, and her being are full of love and motivating, empowering energy. Her work resonates because she lives what she teaches and that integration manifests outwardly. Conversation with the Universe has the formula to create a deeper understanding of the dialogue with the Universe while discovering how to believe and reach new levels of awareness.”

– Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, Authors of The Soulmate Path, The Enchanted Birthday Book and The Enchanted Tarot

Maureen Moss

“As the owner of a radio network, I have long-awaited a fresh, compellling, ‘let’s look at life in a new way’ book. It’s here. Visionary, author and catalyst for the unfolding New World, Simran Singh has brought forth a unique and Light Hearted book that will have you ‘getting it,’ without struggling for it.

– Maureen Moss, 4-time Award-winning author and President of The New World Puja Network

Dr. Sue Morter

“This book has powerful answers and insights. SImran Singh understands how the Universe continually speaks and Conversations of the Universe is a wonderful guide in understanding this language. You can no longer deny there is more going on than you have let yourself believe.”

– Dr. Sue Morter, International Speaker, Quantum Field Visionary and Founder of Morter Institute for Bioenergetics

Paul Morris Segal

“Simran Singh writes form a place of true power, vulnerability and honesty. Her wisdom rings out through the pages of Conversations with the Universe as her information is deep and empowering, while her stories are touching and inspiring. Simran shares form the heart, the higher knowledge that has made a difference in her life, thus awakening the same deep impact on all who read her words. You can trust Simran and Conversations with the Universe to steer you in the empowering direction of revealing your True Self.”

– Paul Morris Segal, Author of Raising Angels and co-author of How to Get the Man You Want / How to Get the Woman You Want

Conversations with the Universe

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